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24 minutes to create 24% of revenue?

By October 11, 2011 Marketing, Systems No Comments

This morning, I spent 24 minutes doing my entire social media for the week. I know because I timed myself.

That’s updating a new blog post, and sending out 4 new status updates a day across Linked In, Twitter (@merriemarketing) and my Facebook business page (

And this is the amount of time I spend every week – first thing every Tuesday morning.

And I know from my figures, that I generate about 24% of my revenue from my social media activity. In just 24 minutes a week.

After I’ve done my social media, I then write my e-zine, which takes me about 45 minutes to write a new article, update it and get it uploaded so it gets mailed out on Thursday at 10am (UK time) to drop into your inbox.

And then I get on with my week.

You see, the one things that makes all this work for is that I use automated online systems to?well?systemise my business. I also make sure I have a strategy and a system for very part of my marketing.

One of my mentors said that System means “Save Your Self Time, Effort and Money”. And that couldn’t be true-er for marketing.

I often get asked how much marketing budget a business should set, and what they should use it for. Setting marketing budgets is a bit like asking how long a piece of string is, but my suggestion is always to start with spending your budget on automated systems and tools that make your marketing easier, and run like clockwork. More importantly, they run to give you a presence and promote your business out there whilst you’re doing other stuff, like working with clients, attending networking events etc. (I haven’t quite worked out how to automate myself at networking events yet ;o) )

And the thing is, it’s not expensive.

I use WordPress for this blog?cost – well, nothing.

My secret social media tool is – I recommend the professional version, and it costs around £17 a month ($29). From this I handle ALL my social media – my status updates, making sure I have the right kind of followers and so on.

My e-zine gets sent out via – it collects names and email addresses on my behalf, deals with anti-spam regulations and tells me who opens my newsletter or not. Useful if you want to send out sales messages. All for around £12 a month to start with.

My online “live” relationships are managed using – cost – err – nada. From here I can watch all the conversations going on across all my social media networks, my clients and my friends, and take part in those conversations from one single point.

So, total cost?

£29 a month to manage a large percentage of my marketing.

Like all things, it takes a little time and effort to set it all up, but once you’ve done that, then your marketing becomes a whole lot easier, and you don’t have to spend hours and hours doing all this stuff.

You should have about 7 or 8 different media working for you to bring prospects into your marketing funnel: if you don’t systemise and have strategies for how these are going to work for you, then you can be spending an awful lot of time “doing your marketing” rather than working with your customers or clients.

And as much as marketing is important, it’s your customers and clients that are paying your bills, so you need to automate as much as your marketing as possible so that it’s as effective as possible, in as short a time as is possible!

Dedicated to your success,
Have a great week,

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