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Two Easy Ways To Come Up With Content For Your Newsletters


Turning out newsletters week after week can sap your creative energies somewhat.  This is why just occasionally I take a break and don’t write for a week or two, to re-stoke the creative fires.

Trying to think up content can be the challenge, and there are two things I do to counteract those “fingers poised over keyboard, not knowing what to write” moments.

Firstly, Jen and I put a content schedule together for the year ahead.  We therefore know what themes and topics we’re covering in both the MerrieZine and across our social media channels.  We generally have quite a laugh doing this, and come up with all sorts of strange, ridiculous ideas, but out of those some sense emerges, and we commit those to paper.  (And out of that, our social media strategy is born).

Despite that, I admit that I can still get stuck.  If you’re busy or tired, it’s very easy to lose the ability to think creatively or come up with ideas.  Those are the times that I down tools and go out for a walk, or go to the gym.  An hour away can make a world of difference to how I feel and my energy levels.

Normally what happens is that when I am marching along on the treadmill, it seems to “jog” my brain into coming up with ideas.  And so my gym record card ends up with notes of ideas scrawled all over it.

So, two ideas that can easily change your ability to communicate with your clients and prospects on a regular weekly basis.  Plus you can get fit at the same time :-)

Dedicated to your success,

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