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Slow Down For The Here And Now

By November 11, 2016 Health, Love Yourself, Mindset No Comments

That’s Halloween and Fireworks Night over then.  Next stop Christmas.

My mantra every year (to my children that is) is that I do not start thinking about Christmas until after my birthday which is later on this month.  As much as I love the fun and sparkle that surrounds Christmas, I do not think it needs to start in November or before.  Last week I popped into Sainsburys to get some tubs of sweets for the trick or treaters and as people were still buying Halloween items from one end of the display, the Sainsbury’s staff were putting up the Christmas stuff at the other end. They couldn’t even wait until Halloween was actually over!

My personal feeling is that there is plenty of time to enjoy the times of the year as they happen, rather than having to have our lives rushed away by the marketers in charge of these increasingly more commercial times of year.

The natural seasons change when they’re good and ready; at the moment I’m enjoying the large oak tree opposite our house shedding it’s leaves.  The oak tree is not rushing ahead trying to get me to enjoy its bare branches ahead of time; all I can do now is savour what it currently has on offer.  “Raining” leaves, glorious coppers and browns on the ground, and – of course – piles of crunchy leaves to kick through (who doesn’t love doing that?!). Let me love these things until they’re finished.  THEN, and only then, will the old and established oak tree let me enjoy the structure and honest beauty of its branches.

Let’s bring this into our commercial world; enjoy the here and now rather than always rushing forward trying to….constantly trying to….get to the next thing.

I’m sure we’ll all be a lot less stressed in life if we do this.

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