What Is It?

Get more clients, and therefore more income, by working at your own pace through a series of twelve step by step modules, and unlike other home study programmes, you get my personal feedback as you go along. So, no wondering if you’ve got it right, or whether you’ve strayed off the track, I will guide you, prompt you and help you as you move through the programme. This is all possible because this whole More Clients More Money Success System™ is online for you!

The easily structured online modules of the More Clients More Money Success System™ will look at where you are now and then gradually build and layer up your knowledge and confidence so that, before you know it, you will be doing your marketing with ease like a pro. Each module is designed so that it builds on what you’ve learned and done in the previous modules, so no having to second guess or leaping ahead to the end just to get “the magic bullet answer”. Pssst….I’ll let you into a little secret: there isn’t a magic bullet to marketing (sorry!). The answers will be in your answers – with my feedback – as you work through the Programme.

You will be working in your own dedicated portal. This is where you can leave me questions at any time, and you will receive my feedback once a week.

What You Get?

The More Clients More Money Success System™  is made up of twelve step by step modules of my personally created marketing system, honed after working with small businesses for the past 14 years. You will get plenty of hand-outs, templates, videos, audios and written instructions, as well as personal feedback, help and support once week – unique to home study systems.

The modules will be sent to you every two weeks so you don’t suffer from overwhelm. This is the rate that I work with my face-to-face coaching clients at, and it’s the optimum rate that I’ve found that enables you to learn and digest what we’ve done together, and gives you time to digest and implement what you’ve learned before you take the next step.

How long it lasts

As long as you want! However the modules will be sent to you every two weeks, so the entire More Clients More Money Success System™ will be sent to you over a six month period. If it takes you longer than that though, don’t worry. This is for you to build on, entirely at your own pace, and you will still receive my answers and feedback for up to a year after you’ve joined the programme.

What It Costs

There are plenty of other programmes out there that will cost you £1000 and upwards. BUT I know how difficult it is in your first year when you need the help but haven’t got the funds in the bank account (aka you’re broke).

So, I have made this really affordable for you.

Your total investment for More Clients More Money Success System™ is just £497!!

That’s it.

To convert into your own currency, click here.

That includes all your modules, worksheets, extra resources, AND personal coaching, guidance and feedback from a specialist marketing mentor and coach personally assigned to you.

That’s the one thing you won’t get in the more expensive home study programmes.  Personal coaching alone can mean an investment of £500 per month, but with the More Clients More Money Success System™ you get it your very own personal mentor and coach included to guide you through the programme.

Can’t wait for more clients? I don’t blame you!

Get started TODAY by hitting the “Pay Now” button below, and as soon as your credit or debit card is authorised, we will send you the link to access the More Clients, More Money Success System straight away.


Just think, in a few short weeks from now, you will be well on your way to bringing in those all important clients: the ones that you will love working with and will pay you what you’re worth. Your marketing will feel solid and will be getting you results. AND not forgetting that none of this will be on your own: you will have personal direction and support from your personally assigned marketing mentor and coach.

100% Cast Iron Guarantee

If you have honestly taken the necessary action steps from the More Clients More Money Success System™, but have not gained at least one new client in your first year of following the programme, just drop us an email, and we will give you a full refund.

Any Small Print?

Not much! I prefer to have an honest and open, positive, trusting and mutually beneficial working relationship rather than lots of terms and conditions!


You can cancel at any time if you are paying in instalments, but any future modules of the More Clients More Money Success System™ will not be sent to you.

For your own benefit, I also ask that you remain open and honest in your assignments, and answer questions in the fullest way that you can as you work through the modules so that I can help you best.

I also ask that you do any of the “homework” in between modules: marketing doesn’t happen unless some action happens!

"Kim's course has given me an insight and grounding in the principles of marketing - a subject I knew very little about. I now have a marketing strategy in place, a marketing budget, have identified my target market, can present benefits in a "voice" that matches my customer profile, understand internet marketing and have started using a few of the techniques. It's information and confidence I needed and Kim has over-delivered there.
I thoroughly recommend Kim's course and would urge anyone who doesn’t know marketing that well to get subscribed - you won’t regret it.

− Robin Campbell


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