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How To Tell When Your Marketing Is Working – Even When It’s Not Showing In Your Bank Account Yet


As part of our “move” clear out, I sent a huge pile of old sewing and cross stitch magazines to the land of recycling.  If you get magazines regularly, you’ll know that they tend to come with free gifts (“tip ons” in marketingese!), and with two or three years’ worth of magazine, the number of free gifts had rather built up.  We ended up with a large variety of small kits that I wasn’t interested in, but I know a lot of people love them to raise money for charity and I would rather they went to good homes rather than languished in landfill somewhere.

So Mr R set forth, holdall in hand, and headed to the nearest charity shop to his work.  He was met with a rather sniffy woman who looked down her nose at him and retorted “Oh no!  We definitely wouldn’t take these things here”.

Undeterred, off he went in search of the next charity shop and was met with an entirely different reaction – the complete opposite in fact.  The woman in this new charity shop treated him like her new best friend and was delighted with the donations, saying that they sell loads of them.

Same type of shop, same items, completely opposite reactions.

These couple of small scenes beautifully reflect the job of marketing.  Admittedly they are a bit of a simplistic example, but when I am marketing a product (or service) to a specific target audience, then the job of my marketing is to filter out the “those interested” to the “those not interested”.  It is to filter the “yes’s” from the “no’s” at an early stage of the process.

Your marketing is not there to necessarily sell your wares, it’s there to filter out those potential people who aren’t interested in what you have to sell from those who are interested.

All your marketing activities then should be dedicated to this filtration purpose, hence we use free downloads, free consultations, free treatments, blogs, newsletters and so on to help with that process.

Once you have this firmly in your mindset, it makes the whole process of marketing a lot more fun, much easier and takes the pressure off.

It also means you never need to worry about the “not interested’s”….because it means that your marketing is doing a perfect job for you.  And that has got to be good to know.

Have a great week,
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