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How an Autumn Clear Out Can Bring You New Marketing Ideas

By November 3, 2016 Marketing, Mindset No Comments
And suddenly we’re in November!  Amidst the stunning Autumn colours and Halloween pumpkins, we moved house to somewhere for the next few months whilst we have the builders in.

House moving is not the faint hearted and tends to bring with it a constant cry of “why on earth are we still keeping this?”.  Whatever the ‘this’ is is then binned, recycled or carted off to the local charity shop.

Having my office at home means that all my work stuff gets the same treatment.  Business books and CDs that I have carried around for years, whether I have read them or not.  Files full of work for clients past and present.  And enough stationery to set up in competition to Staples.

I currently have sitting by my desk a box of assorted paperwork that still needs going through. Unfortunately I can’t bin the lot unceremoniously, but I’m sure most of it will end up on the bonfire.

What I AM enjoying though is the effect of this clear out.

Physically it leaves space which makes you feel calmer.

Psychologically it leaves a beautifully clear mind – ready for fresh ideas and new energy; just what you need when you’re thinking about your marketing for the year ahead.

Now is an excellent time to start analysing what of your marketing worked this year, and what didn’t.  Add into that a good clear out of your desk and surrounding work area and you can look forward to a bevy of whole new ideas coming your way to create a storming 2017.

So as nature goes through its own clear out ready for fresh new growth next Spring, why not spend a few hours over the next couple of weekends to have your own ‘dead leaf’ clear out and create that space for your own fresh new ideas?

Let me know how you get on.

Dedicated to your success,

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