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Why MailChimp Surprised Me


To be fair, I haven’t always used Mailchimp.

When I started out in business I used another well known email marketing programme, which I loved for many years until they changed their user interface and I just didn’t get on with their new way of being.  They may well have sorted out all those issues by now (most likely, as this was a few years ago) .  However, I needed a new autoresponder, and as I’d been recommending Mailchimp to clients who didn’t yet have a newsletter going, then I thought I would make the switch and give them a go.

What I found surprised me.

Mailchimp are positioned as a very easy and free way for business owners to get themselves into email marketing, but don’t let that stop you from thinking they can’t do any of the clever stuff.

So here’s what I love about Mailchimp, and why I still use them with no intention of moving away.

Yep, I love them on behalf of my clients because they are indeed very easy and free to get on to in the first place.  No free trial…they just are, well, free.  For basic newsletter functionality, more than perfect.  Plus you get a little print out and stick together Freddie The Chimp when you’ve sent an email broadcast out. Or maybe I’m easily pleased!

I use the paid for version.  On this you can:

  • Set up an autoresponder series.  That means when someone subscribes to your list, you can get Mailchimp to automatically send them a series of emails without having to lift a finger (other than to set it up in the first place).
  • On either the paid for list or free list you can (and should) divide your list into groups and segments.  This makes your emails very targeted, so you can send information on your products and services to the people who are actually interested in those particular products or services.  Or you can communicate to past clients, current clients, and prospects in different ways.  Lots you can do here.
  • You can A/B split test – headlines, times, photos and content for example.  That means you can test one against the other and Mailchimp will tell you in real time which one out-performs the other.
  • The analytics are good: you can get all the analytics you need on a campaign by campaign basis (email by email) but also on a list by list basis.  So you can tell how your list if performing overall, which means you can make amends if it’s not doing so well.
  • They integrate seamlessly with other applications, such as CRM software, PayPal, diary scheduling, lead capture pages and so on.
  • They have the best chat help service I’ve come across (only available on the paid for service).
  • They have recently introduced Mailchimp Pro.  This gives much more incise targeting, multi variate testing (ie you can test lots of things at the same time) and even more insightful analytics.  OK, this is a premium service, but for serious businesses with the budget to afford this, it’s definitely worth considering.
  • On all versions, the Mailchimp app allows you to check your analytics in real time, and add people to your list when you meet them (if they agree, obviously).

Overall, Mailchimp is far bigger and more robust that they get given credit for.

They do all the things you would expect, such as personalisation and easy branding.  I think they could smooth out some wrinkles, but I know they work hard behind the scenes at doing this, and they are also very happy to receive suggestions.

So if you’re considering getting set up with email newsletters, Mailchimp are a perfect choice to grow with you.  And no, I don’t take commission from them! (I could, but I don’t.)

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 01452 223306.  I am registered as an Official UK MailChimp expert, so know my way around (and which is why I’m allowed to use the official Freddie logo).

Dedicated to your success

Kim x

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