Merrie Marketing’s chief coach, trainer, tea maker and bottle washer is Kim O’Rourke,

Kim O’Rourke is a Chartered Institute of Marketing qualified marketer of many years’ (decades!) experience of both strategic and tactical marketing, at junior and senior levels.

She started out getting her hands dirty as a junior doing all the running around in well known blue chip companies and famous advertising and direct marketing agencies. As her career progressed and her working hours increased (sleeping? Pah!), Kim then got to sit in Very Important Boardrooms with a posh suit on, advising BIG companies on their marketing strategy and leading the teams that ran their campaigns.

She had a lot of fun with some huge budgets to work with and worked right across the full marketing mix: TV advertising, Radio advertising, Direct Mail, Press and Magazine advertising, dealing with all sorts of printed material, Sales Promotion, Brand Development, trade promotions, helping to organise large events (think Earls Court 1 AND 2!) and an awful lot more besides.

She turned her hand to coaching and training marketing to small businesses way back in 2000. Having been burnt out by the fast paced world of marketing in London, Kim moved to Gloucestershire and re-trained in her spare time and qualified as both a clinical aromatherapist with the International Federation of Aromatherapists, and an Infant Massage Instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage. Pretty immediately she discovered that her fellow therapists needed help with their marketing, and so her life as a coach and trainer began.

For five years, Kim juggled her role as a complementary therapist, Certified Infant Massage Instructor (also working for the local council to help life-limited babies and children), teaching marketing through coaching sessions and workshops, AND having two children. Finally though, the love of coaching and training marketing pulled through and Merrie Marketing was born, a business that specialised in empowering small business owners by increasing their knowledge of marketing through Kim’s specialised and unique coaching programmes. A great believer in life balance,

Kim lives with her partner, children, a cat and three errant rescue chickens in rural Gloucestershire. She and her partner met through dancing and they still dance both Jive (brilliantly…we like to think) and Lindy Hop (definitely not so brilliantly) every week. Keen veggie gardeners and cooks, their kitchen has been known to produce some excellent culinary delights! Kim is also quite handy with the needle and is currently enhancing her sewing skills by going on a patchwork and quilting course.

"Kim has a talent of immediately being able to diagnose what is at the heart of a company’s issue, and intuitively understands what to do, and how to fix it."

− Helen Dowling, Exceptional Thinking

"You’ll be pleased to know I’ve managed to implement most things we discussed. I’ve never had a meeting ever that has been so productive. Time management is so much better now that I’m doing less but achieving more."

− Amy Dyer, Amy’s Essential Therapies