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How To Increase Your Energy levels Within 48 Hours

By August 11, 2016 Health, Love Yourself No Comments

August always seems to be a quiet month.  The rest of the year, with the exception of two weeks at Christmas, can be pretty manic and as much as I enjoy what we do, it is lovely to stop for a while and “smell the roses” whilst all our clients are on holiday and our kids are at home.

What is apparent when you do stop is that you realise just how long you have been running on empty for: Monday mornings fast turn into Friday evenings and sometimes it seems like one long day in between where, despite best intentions, you can find yourself grabbing the nearest snack to hand and relying on caffeine to keep you going.

It doesn’t take that long for your body to object and to start feeling even more tired.  You may find that tea or coffee doesn’t give you the same lift anymore, so you drink more and eat sugary food to go with it.  Unfortunately for you, although this may create a very short term lift in your energy levels, you soon find that you come crashing down afterwards.  This is due to the blood sugar and insulin spikes in your body, which ultimately end up with your body producing cortisol and adrenaline, two of the stress hormones.

A drip – drip approach of these stress hormones can result in digestive issues and tiredness and fatigue, then more seriously heartburn and indigestion, IBS, and ultimately far more serious illnesses.  Not good.

The word “disease” literally means dis – ease – i.e. your body is not at ease with itself and out of balance.  When it is out of balance in this way then you have a long road to put it right again.  Popping pills is not necessarily the answer (although please let your GP be the ultimate judge of that; I am not here to give medical advice) when the body is that out of balance.  I will talk about what you can do with this next week, but for now let me share one easy solution to your caffeine induced tiredness and sluggishness that your GP would never disagree with.

And that is (drum roll please) water.  Free, freely available and exceedingly good for you – mind, body and soul.  Zero on the calorie front too.

Replace the majority of your caffeine based drinks throughout the day with a large glass of water, and you may well find that within a day or two, your energy levels have returned and you feel more alive, more alert and are able to think clearly.

Being human and not perfect, I too have been known to slip into this “too much caffeine” cycle.  What I do find is that when I switch to drinking water all day (and I still like my big mug of tea first thing in the morning!) I don’t get the caffeine withdrawal in the same way as if I just stopped drinking the tea or coffee. If you think you’re going to get those horrible caffeine withdrawal symptoms (and those just show that it’s really not a great thing for us to be drinking so much of) then try switching a third of your tea and coffee over to water first, then two thirds.  Be gentle on yourself, but do make the switch.

Use this time in August then to re-set your drinking habits and switch over to drinking water (8 glasses a day…) and see how fast you can stop feeling tired and sluggish and regain your energy levels.

Let me know how you get on.

To Your Success,

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