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The Seven Secrets To Happiness


A week or so before I went on holiday I bought what was – I thought – a trashy chick-lit novel to lose myself in whilst sunning myself on a beach.

The book turned out to be a completely lovely read and one that I thoroughly recommend for the feel good factor.

It was called The Seven Secrets to Happiness by Sharon Owens, and I thought that these seven ‘secrets’ were so fitting for so many of our lives that I would share them here for you.

The seven secrets are:

1.  You are responsible for your own happiness.  Be happy independently of anyone else.

2.  Be healthy in mind and body.

3.  Do not be envious of others.

4.  Hold on to your friends.

5.  Do good deeds.

6.  See the beauty in small things.

7.  Let go of the past.

I for one shall certainly be printing this out and pinning them up where the whole family can see them every day; and I hope you can see the power in remembering these every day too.

To your success – and happiness,

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