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How To Get Maximum Results From Your Social Media Posts

Social Media Times

Last week, I spoke about how to choose the right social media network for you.

Once you’ve tied up your target client with the perfect social media network, the next thing is working out when to send them.

People use social media at different times of day: personally, I’m often on Facebook around 8.15am in the morning for half an hour while my nine year old and I are sat outside school (the joys of time differences between son’s school bus and daughter’s school starting!), then again at 3.20pm – now waiting for the school bus.  You will undoubtedly have your own patterns of use.

However, it can be difficult to know how to pick an optimum time to post – and there are indeed optimum times.  And just to throw a spanner in the works, there will also be optimum times for you and your business.

Where to start?

I found this infographic on Linked In which I think makes an excellent starting point.  You can see how the patterns would work: Google + seems mostly B2B so mornings are good.  LinkedIn works at both ends of the working day. Facebook is most popular in the afternoons when people are on school runs / looking for a distraction from their day’s work.

Infographic courtesy of Gabriele Sheldon on Linked In Pulse
Click on the image to take you through to the full sized version online and for further sources

When you start scheduling your posts then (to the right social media networks), start using these times.  If the best time suggestions on this infographic indicate that your posts/tweets/pins etc should be going out at different times of day, then do that.

But then the fun starts.

Just because the general optimum time for Facebook is in the afternoon, it does not mean that is necessarily the best time for you and your business.  Jen (my marketing coordinator) and I have been testing times on our Facebook posts for five months now, and we know what 7.30 AM gets maximum engagement from our followers.  For you it might be completely different.

Therefore, use these “best times” to start with and run them for a month to see what engagement you get: how many likes/retweets/comments/pins/shares/+’s. This will give you a baseline measurement.

Then decide on some different time slots and try a new time for a month, then a different time for the next month and so on.

Your testing schedule may look like this:

(I’ve just used Facebook as an example, but you would so the same for each social media network)
June – 3pm baseline measurement
July – 5pm
August – 7.30pm
September – 7.30am
October – 10am
November – midday

Look at your Facebook analytics at the end of each month and it will help you understand the number of likes, shares and engagement you get each month.

After a while, you will see not only the best time to post for you, but also the type of posts that people respond to.

And whichever the winner is – do more of the same!

Repeat this across all of your social media networks and over time you will completely maximise your results from your social media posts.

Simple this marketing game, isn’t it? :-)

Dedicated to your success

Kim x

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