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How To Get The Best Results From Your Marketing Campaigns

June MZ 4 P's

“Mummy, I think we will leave the EU” announced Charlie, aged 9, last week.

“Why is that?” asks a somewhat bemused me; since when does a 9 year old take a lot of notice of what goes on in the world? (Mind you, this is my daughter who reads First News every week,a newspaper designed for children – highly recommended if you have kids).

“Because I’ve seen lots of signs around saying “Vote Leave” and only one telling people to stay”.

Hmm, interesting observation, and she may be right. She was certainly correct in her prediction.  If she was correct in her reasoning why, we shall never know, but to me as a marketer, it does throw up an interesting issue.

Ignore the politics – I know there are a lot of emotions around on both sides of the result and this article is not to do with those.  From a pure marketing perspective, Charlie was right: on my travels I hardly saw any posters up for the Remain camp, but I did – however –  see lots up for the Leave campaign.

If you want to promote anything, then you have to get that promotion out there in lots of different ways and in lots of different places.  It takes an average of eight views of your marketing before your intended target audience will consider acting.  That means you can’t rely on one medium to deliver your message; you need to be using lots of different media – repeatedly – in order to get your message across.  One ad, for instance, will never cut it.  You will need a series of them.  The odd social media post will be like whistling in the wind. You need to be on it consistently and permanently to gain any traction.  One poster won’t do it either; you need them all over the place with a single clear message.

And that seems to be the other thing that the media picked up on last week and was discussed on Radio 4: the message from the Brexit camp was clear and consistent, whilst Remain’s message kept changing.

In marketing, you can’t afford to do that, and certainly not over a four month campaign, which is a relatively short period of time in marketing terms.

You must decide what your key message is, make it simple, then stick to it throughout all your promotional activities.

Over the next few weeks, I will be taking you through the 4 P’s of marketing, otherwise known as the Marketing Mix: Product, Price, Place and Promotion.  This week seemed an apt week to discuss the promotion part of that mix given that every single one of us has been at the receiving end of two opposing marketing campaigns, the outcome of which was always going to change the world, whichever had the most impact.

Your own campaigns may never be on this scale, but it IS important that you choose your media appropriately for your target audience, then use it consistently and regularly, and keep your message clear and consistent throughout it.

Dedicated to your success

Kim x

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