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Far, far away in the middle of the woods in the rural Gloucestershire, there sits a home office complete with kettle, biscuit tin, office cat and office chickens.

Snail mail, carrier pigeons, and boxes of PG Tips can be sent to:

Old Orchard
Kempley Green
GL18 2BN

Call for a real conversation with a live person on:

01452 223306 

No annoying “Press 1 for…” here, although if we’re out, you may get the answer machine. You’re welcome to chat to it, but it likes to think it’s the strong, silent type and won’t necessarily enter into conversation with you. Don’t take offence but do definately leave us a message so we can call you back.

Old fashioned email enquiries can be sent using the form on the left (which will save the internet bots from farming our email address for less than salubrious reasons). You can be guaranteed a response from someone real.

"Kim has a talent of immediately being able to diagnose what is at the heart of a company’s issue, and intuitively understands what to do, and how to fix it."

− Helen Dowling, Exceptional Thinking

"You’ll be pleased to know I’ve managed to implement most things we discussed. I’ve never had a meeting ever that has been so productive. Time management is so much better now that I’m doing less but achieving more."

− Amy Dyer, Amy’s Essential Therapies