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How To Choose The Right Social Media Network For You

Social Media Surprise

With plenty of social media platforms literally at our fingertips, we a) are spoilt for choice and b) can feel completely overwhelmed by that choice.

Get a busy day, and I’ll get tings, beeps and over-excited tunes heralding messages from Facebook (personal AND business pages), Twitter, and Linked In, not to mention WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, normal text AND email.  I don’t suppose it’s any different for you.
Get a mega busy day, and they all go off at once!

However, what I do know is that the messages I get through from the social media networks are ones I want to receive.  My three main social media networks are ones I have chosen that best reflect me, my business and my target audience.

My son, possibly trying to wheedle his way in to becoming my new social media manager, keeps telling me I need Instagram.  I don’t.  My target client group are generally aged between their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.  Instagram is mostly popular amongst 20 somethings.  It also a visual platform…not really much good for me who writes loads and speak loads, but hasn’t got much visual imagery to showcase her business.

I found this infographic which is good for printing out and sticking in your marketing planning file.


Infographic courtesy of
Click on the image to take you through to the full sized version online

What about you then?

Instead of trying to get on every social media network on offer, start thinking about your social media strategy: i.e. What do you want to achieve with it?  Who are you targeting for your business?  What message are you trying to portray?

Then look at the demographics of each social media network and match up who you want with where they are online.

An hour or so planning your social media strategy will help you hugely in the long run:

  • It will help manage your expectations.  There is no point expecting a stack of leads to be queuing up at your door, when your social media networks are best used for brand awareness or building brand loyalty.
  • It will help you with easy decision making and you won’t feel like you’re missing out by not being on a particular social media platform.
  • It helps you to provide a much clearer and better brief to a social media management company/person
  • It helps your social media company do a better job for you, getting you the results you actually want.
  • It helps you create the social media content strategy as you need slightly different styles of messages for each network.
  • It helps you receive messages from the right people.
  • It helps you to build up that brand awareness and brand loyalty with the right people.

And don’t forget that your social media strategy MUST dovetail in with your main marketing strategy. :-)

Action Points:

Set aside an hour over the next week and:

  1. Write down the profile of your target client
  2. Write down what you would like your social media to do for you.
  3. Compare the answers to those two questions with the infographic above and choose two or three social media networks.
  4. Write a simple social media plan for those networks and then get very good and very consistent at those, before you consider any more. (There is no point in building any social media activity into your marketing plan if you’re not going to be consistent with it.
  5. Enjoy it and engage with your followers!

If you have any questions at any time, don’t forget we have a free 45 min Marketing Insight Session that you can book at any time (subject to availability).  Just click on this link to book your slot.  No catch, just great advice.

Dedicated to your success

Kim x

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