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Multi tasking coordination and control

How To Quickly, Easily and Effectively Manage Your Social Media – Without Overwhelm

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Social media can be time consuming – if you let it.  It’s very absorbing, somewhat addictive, and before you know it you’ve found yourself not just putting out a business post, but watching videos of cats doing silly things, or commenting on all your friends’ Facebook posts. But let’s separate…

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How To Get The Best Out of Social Media

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Who do we pay more attention to on social media?  Those who sell, sell, sell and automate everything, or those who engage with everyone else and take part in the conversation? I think it’s a difficult balance to get right if you’re running a business because you obviously need to…

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Should businesses still be blogging?

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In a nutshell: YES! If you’re thinking that you already have a Facebook account, a twitter account and you’ve just set up a Vine account for your business, is it really worthwhile still blogging? Yes, it most definitely is. For example, Tumblr still gets 335 million unique visitors a month. Blogging shouldn’t…

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