What Is It?

The Platinum Marketing Mastermind Programme  is about getting real results…not the hit and miss results you’ve probably been experiencing so far. No more wondering if what you’re doing is the right thing to be doing: this whole programme is designed to help you get on the right tracks with your marketing, and stay on them with the help and “hand holding” guidance of real experts.

The Platinum Marketing Mastermind Programme  is a guided group coaching and mentoring programme that runs for a year. It is designed to grow and evolve your business – maybe in ways you can’t see right now.

We will be meeting once a month for the year.  The next Platinum will start in December 2014.

Over the course of the year, you will be working in a small group of other like-minded business owners – there will be no more than five in your group. Over the course of the year, this group will become your Boardroom, your confidantes, your friends. They will hold you accountable and you will learn with them, laugh with them, and cry with them. But more importantly, you will grow with them. And so will your business.

Every month you will receive detailed, hands on training from both me and other experts in their field…those who have been working in their specialist areas for a long time and know all the ins and outs of their particular area.

But not only that…once you have had the training, you will be shown how to use it and apply it to your business, and then you will have access to the expert for a month so that they can answer your questions.

There are plenty of programmes and products “out there” that will tell you “what” you need to be doing to promote your business. The Platinum Marketing Mastermind Programme  is different: on it I – and some hand-picked experts in their field – will be showing you how to actually implement your marketing in your business.. Just imagine the difference it will make to your business to have that expertise train you…to be able to learn from the best…to learn how to really apply that information to your business.

This is your chance to access the expert knowledge that is normally beyond reach.

We will be arming you with the knowledge so that you can continue to make qualified decisions on your own way after the Platinum Marketing Mastermind Programme  has finished. This will give you real power to grow your business year after year…but you will start to see results from the word “go”. Subtle shifts to begin with, but by the end of the year – you will find yourself in a complete different, and very exciting, place.

Of course, great business results don’t just come from great marketing – your mindset has to be in the right place too, and so be prepared to come along with a great attitude, experience some mindset shifts, and to grow into the person you are meant to be!

"Kim has a superb background and the experience to match in marketing and it really does show in the way she approaches a client to help them achieve the results for the business. She has accumulated some great tools and insights into making it work particularly for my business and it has stopped me making any pitfalls. One thing that strikes me about Kim is that she is so intuitive and I found she got me straight away. Kim really does know how to share her knowledge in a personable way with great passion that you can not help but feel the "merrie" effect!

− Mandy Withers, Talk HR Solutions Ltd

"When you're a novice in any skill, what you need is ethical, straight-forward, honest guidance from a person who has obviously been there before. Kim delivers guidance with the hand of an expert, without ever making you feel less than successful. This is quite a trick with one as old and crusty as me!"

− Robin Oldman, now Retired from Precision Design Technologies Ltd

"Kim is a genuine marketer who has a passion to share her knowledge and experience and get people excited about marketing and the many do's and don'ts. Kim has worked in marketing from grass roots up and knows all the pitfalls which she will gladly steer you away from. I have found Kim to be an expert in her field and I would highly recommend her if you need a change in mindset."

− Tricia Hay, First Base Recruitment Ltd

"Kim has been extraordinarily patient in helping me to work out the clients I want to work with and what I can do for them. As a member of her inaugural Platinum Program I have been privileged to work with Kim as she has helped me develop my vision for my practice. And, most important of all, has stayed with me as I gradually implement each stage of the plan.

Kim's speciality is intuition. She has a unique ability to help people see beyond their challenges and motivate them to create a business that is uniquely theirs. She will help you to focus on your real talents and create a business that serves the people you want to work with."

− Nicholas Lee, Financial Planner

Who’s It For?

Good question.

Firstly, you are a small business owner and you must already have a product or service that you’re selling now. You are moderately successful, but would like to be more so. You are committed and dedicated to growing your business, you currently handle all the marketing yourself and have had some success, but really want to learn how to do it properly so it all runs smoothly and gets you the results you want. You have a budget for market, but want to learn how to set that properly AND get a proper return from it.

What also matters is that you’re committed to coming along to the Programme. This is not about me: this is about your commitment to stepping up in your business. It’s about your commitment to making your business grow and knowing that you can’t go on the way that you are: that it’s time to change.

You have a vision for your business but you’re not sure how to get there. You know that you need the expert help to make that vision a reality.

The Platinum Marketing Mastermind Programme  is for business owners who are prepared and self motivated to take action: if you think you can come along once a month, and then forget about it the rest of the month, then this is not the programme for you. To get results in your business and your marketing you have to take action.

You will be making a commitment to yourself and to the group to come every month and take action. Unless you’re at death’s door, no excuses will be allowed! Sorry to be tough, but you do want results. Don’t you?!

There’s a small catch! I want to make sure that you get absolutely maximum benefit from being a member of the Platinum Marketing Mastermind Programme , and I’m sure you do too. So there is an application process: I will be personally vetting the business owners who want to join the group: this means that you can sure that your mastermind group will be made up of exactly the right kind of like-minded business owners.

What Will I Get Out Of It?

icon color=”Accent-Color” size=”tiny” image=”icon-ok”] You’ll find your perfect “niche” : that ‘sweet spot’ which is meant just for you in the world – and you’ll not just be learning how to reach your perfect customers and clients, but you’ll actually be doing it too (it doesn’t matter what you do, there will be a “sweet spot” for you);

If you take the action – you WILL see an increase in your turnover and profits, and quite quickly too (you won’t have to wait until the end of the year to see results);

You’ll find out how to create a business model that doesn’t just rely on you selling your time for money;

You’ll be challenged over your current business – your customers, your business model, your profitability…all with a view to making these work for you in the way you want to, and in a way you love;

You will find passion, love, fire and energy for your business. And if you have it already (great!), we will work to increase it so that you can reach out to more people;

Your marketing will be systemised…that means it works on auto-pilot for you once it’s set up, bring you interested customers whilst you’re sleeping;

You’ll learn how to sell authentically for you (it seems that most business owners hate the “selling” bit…you don’t have to, and you’ll find that you’re actually a complete natural at it!);

You’ll be working in a small group where you can share ideas and share experiences in a safe environment;

You’ll learn that you’re not alone: you may be unique, but your challenges aren’t, and you can learn from the experiences of others;

Being amongst a mastermind group like this will mean you experience a mindset shift: it’ll be subtle, but you will notice yourself naturally upping your game and see your turnover naturally increasing;

It’ll help you to push beyond your boundaries in a safe environment – allowing you to grow into the visionary and successful business owner that you are meant to be;

You’ll learn how to get the most powerful people in the planet to mentor you;

You’ll learn how to communicate your product or service in such a way that your target customers really understand what you’re offering;

Every day, there are millions of £££’s of free advice all around you…I’ll teach you how to access this and use it to grow your business;

You’ll learn how to spot opportunities and challenges for your business to make it grow even further;

You will become an inspiration to those around you;

You and your business will grow, evolve and develop in ways that you may not even imagine on Day One;

Oh – and you’ll have me and the rest of your group holding you accountable along the way (this is powerful!).

Why Should I Attend?


Well, if all the above reasons weren’t enough for you: if you want proper growth in your business, that has to come from you carrying out effective marketing. That’s just the way it is.

The Platinum Marketing Mastermind Programme  will be teaching you and helping you to implement exactly that: effective marketing that will work to get you results in your business. Your business will grow as a result: that means your turnover will at least double or triple, you’ll get more profit, and more income for you…and more income (and more time) for you to do what you want to in life too.

Time to make those business (and personal) dreams come true!

Where and When?

The Platinum Marketing Mastermind Programme  will be held in Cheltenham, very close to the M5 – full details will be updated shortly.

The next Platinum Marketing Mastermind Programme  starts in December 2014 – all final dates will be published during September 2014.

What’s Included?

new-plat-board-web Your tuition, including that of visiting experts;
Two half hour personal laser coaching sessions in between Platinum days; A beautiful deluxe suede folder for your templates and “insider” information that you’ll receive as we go along;
A calf leather journal (to jot down your thoughts, ideas, take notes);
Two overnight stays, including dinner and breakfast: one at the beginning, one half way through;
All your lunches – including a Christmas lunch in December; Coffees, teas, biscuits. And sometimes the odd bacon or egg roll to get our day off to a good start.

What’s Not Included?

Travel to and from the Programme

Additional overnight stays if you want to arrive the day before on any of the dates, BUT I have negotiated a special rate for you if you want to takes some time to relax in the beautiful hotel.

Details will be sent once you’ve booked and been accepted on the Programme.

CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR YOUR PLACE TODAY (no payment needed today).

How Much Does It Cost?

I’ve seen other programmes run by people who are not real hands on marketers costing in the region of £20,000 plus…and then some.

And if I added up all the expert knowledge and extra “stuff” that you’ll be getting on the Platinum Marketing Mastermind Programme , I should be charging about the same.

If you booked a specialist to spend just a day with you, you’re likely to be spending in the region of £1,000 for that one day.  And possibly more.

I know that very high priced programmes like this can be way of out reach for the business owner who has already had some success…just not enough. It can be really frustrating to have a strong vision for your business, know that you need that expert knowledge and help to make it that vision come true, but the cost of that help is just too far out of reach.

So, I have made the Platinum Marketing Mastermind Programme  affordable and reachable. Don’t forget that whatever your business income now, it won’t be staying like that – it will be going up.

Here’s what you’ll be paying:

A non-refundable joining fee of £500 to pay now.

Then a cash-flow easy £450 a month from December 2014 through to November 2015.

That’s a total investment of £5,900.


Want to pay in full now?

I will reduce your investment to £4,900. That’s a discount of £1,000.


Prefer two six monthly instalments?

Pay £500 joining fee now

Then £2,350 in December, and a second instalment of £2,350 in June 2015.

That’s a discount of £700.

You can pay by standing order from your bank or with your credit card via PayPal.

What Happens Now?

The good news is, there is nothing to pay right this minute. To ensure we have the right group, it is vital that I have an application process. So complete the form below to register for your application form:

Get the Platinum Marketing Mastermind Programme Application Form

* indicates required

Do NOT pay anything now!!

When you have received the form, complete it and return it to me.

If you don’t receive the form, please check your spam of junk inbox and then add me to your white list. If it’s not in there, please drop me an email at kim ‘at’ merriemarketing ‘dot’ com

If your application to join the group is successful, then congratulations – you are on your way to making a massive leap in your business, and further details about the Programme will be sent to you and you will be asked to pay the initial joining fee (or full payment if that’s your preference).

Your December payment will not need to be paid until 1st December 2014. If you prefer to pay in full now, let me know on your application form, and I will send you an invoice.

If your application is not successful at this time, I will recommend a more suitable programme for you.


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