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When Business, and Life, Deals You a Heavy Blow

By September 26, 2016 Success, Support No Comments

Earlier this week I, along with the nation, applauded the news at Alistair Brownlee helping his brother Jonny over the finish line after their triathlon.  Jonny was winning and he had 200 metres to go.  Heat, exhaustion and dehydration got the better of him and he was very obviously near to collapse.
Alistair could have run past him to win, but instead went to the aid of his brother, taking him over the finish line whereupon Jonny collapsed and got carted off to hospital. He has now fully recovered.

There are times in business where it gets the better of us and we feel like collapsing.  We’re exhausted, the business equivalent of dehydrated and, really, just can’t  – and don’t want to – take any more.  Business and life deal a lot of hard blows and if you’ve been a business for a while, you receive a fair few of them over time to knock you back.  They say that the definition of success (one of them, anyway) is to get up one more time than you’ve fallen over.

But how DO you get back up when you feel like you’ve really had enough of being knocked over?  By business, by life; it doesn’t matter.  They both have the same effect.  I am not immune to these hard knocks any more than you, but there a couple of things that I have observed over the years.

Firstly it’s worth remembering that “this too will pass”.  The tough times always pass…as indeed do the good times!  A year down the line and you’ll be looking back at the knock back as a blip (however disastrous it seemed at the time) or, as a dear friend put it recently, as an event that moves you nearer your dream, even if you can’t see it at the time.

Secondly, it’s your friends and close family who will lift you and drag you over the finish line.  Or at least, carry you until you’re back on your own two feet again.

Remember therefore that you are not in the “business” race alone, any more than you are not in this game of life alone; we are all in this race together, albeit at different stages.  Merrie Marketing is nine years old this month and I could never have got through those years without my business friends along the way; some of those have started as acquaintances and have turned into close, dear friends (you know who you are!).   I would hope that those that help us know that we would stop to help them at any time.

Whatever hand life or business has dealt you, don’t be scared to reach out.  Share the lows as well as the highs.  And having had a short spell in intensive care, Jonny Brownlee is already talking about his next triathlon.

And you will too (at least the business equivalent).

Have a great week,
To Your Success (and not too many blows)

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