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How To Tell When Your Marketing Is Working – Even When It’s Not Showing In Your Bank Account Yet

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As part of our “move” clear out, I sent a huge pile of old sewing and cross stitch magazines to the land of recycling.  If you get magazines regularly, you’ll know that they tend to come with free gifts (“tip ons” in marketingese!), and with two or three years’ worth…

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Why Location Is So Important

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A key element of the 4P’s is “Place”.  Where and how you distribute your products or services is as important as what they are, their price and how you promote them. There are two ways of looking at your “Place”. One is the geographic location of where you want to focus…

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How To Keep The Love Alive

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We’ve just had Valentine’s Day: a day of celebrating the love and romance you share with your significant other.  Facebook was alive with photos of the romance that filled people’s day.  From scattered rose petals, to beautiful bunches of roses.  From breakfast in bed to candelit dinners. And from the romantic heart…

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One small book….one big difference

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Whilst I was on holiday, I found out about a natty little ‘tool’ to grow your business….(drum roll please)…which is a good ol’ fashioned notebook. However, like most tools, it’s how you use them that’s important, and this is no exception.  In this case, each day write down 10 things you could do…

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